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This motocross festival has been created to celebrate the love of grassroots motocross racing and everything two wheels! Hosted at one the the nations most picturesque venues, Oak Ridge MX in Garwin Iowa. This event combines elite racing with a relaxed vibe and an abundance of on and off-track activities for motorcycle fans, mx enthusiasts and families. This event will include top tier motocross racing, 2024 YAMAHA YZ 125 bike giveaway,  MOTOSPORT King of the Hill, live band, PDR Performance Straight Rhythm, Stacyc racing, Daman Bradshaw and Ryan Villopoto, hay rides and awards like you've never seen! 

This is an event you wont want to miss!!


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2023 Rumble Event Schedule / Fees / General Info 


·         Thursday- $40 per person

·         Friday practice- $30- per person

·         Saturday -$25 per person

·         Sunday - $20 per person 

          Pit Vehicle Pass $10 -Sticker Required – NO pit bikes allowed in Stacyc park  - Pit vehicle shutdown 7:30 sharp no exceptions

-         3 under free

·         $10 Camping 

·         NO REFUNDS AT THIS EVENT – Gate fees give you access to the full weekend and any entertainment/evening activities provided


·         $35 Practice Fee (Main track/50 track) Friday

·         $45 Trophy/Cash classes

We will be using Race Ready for this event on the main track only. Micro track riders do not need a transponder tag


 All riders must register at

If you already have an account and a transponder tag please bring your helmet to registration. Tags can be purchased on site. 

Race Pre registration is LIVE -


Thursday September 28th  

Move In – 2PM to 10:00PM

Friday September 29th- Practice Day

7:00 - Gates Open

7:00 - Practice Sign Up (no membership required) 

9:00 - 2:00 – Practice

10am-1pm- 50 track Micro practice (south side of pits) 

12:00 to 3:00 - Race Sign Up/ Pit Bike Straight Rhythm Registration 

5:00 pm YAMAHA Field of Dreams Hayride With Ryan Villopoto and Damon Bradshaw

630pm –PDR PERFORMANCE Pit Bike Straight Rhythm – ALL NEW pit bike track – (Sign up 12-3pm at center registration building) 

730pm - Moto Mom Pit Bike Race -Straight Rhythm  

8-10pm – Live Music by THE SHEET – Center of big track 

Saturday September 30  -  Full Race Program with Awards (2 Motos) 

6:00 - Gates Open

6:30 to 8:00 - Race Sign Up: AMA CARD REQUIRED

8:00 - Riders Meeting

830am - Riders meeting at micro track 

8:30 - Practice

9:30am - Racing main track

5:30 Field of Dreams Hay Ride 

6pm Stacyc Races - Stacyc track (upper pits) 

7pm – MOTOSPORT King of the Hill -  Hillclimb (sign up 12-3) Big Bikes Full Gear required

830pm – CANVAS Whip Contest – (Sign up 12-3) – Big Bikes Full Gear required

Sunday October 1– Full Race Program (2 moto) with Awards

(2 motos)  Podium Interviews 

6:00 Gates Open

6:30 to 8 - Race Sign Up: AMA CARD REQUIRED

8:00 - Riders Meeting

8:30 - Practice

9:30  -  Racing Main Track

5pm – Rumble at Oak Ridge Award Ceremony and Photos


2023 Rumble Class List

2 stroke Open - 122 cc-500cc Motorcycle; A, B, or C rider

125 Open - A,B,C 125cc motorcycle

250 PRO - 122cc-250cc Motorcycle; A rider

250 B - 122cc-250cc Motorcycle; B rider

250 C - 122cc-250cc Motorcycle; C rider

OPEN PRO - 122cc-OPEN Motorcycle; A rider

OPEN B - 122cc-OPEN Motorcycle; B rider

OPEN C - 122cc-OPEN Motorcycle; C rider

25+A - 25+ years old; A rider, 122cc-OPEN

25+B/C - 25+ years old; B or C rider, 122cc-OPEN

30+A - 30 years and older; A riders, 122cc-OPEN

30+B/C - 30 years and older; B or C riders, 122cc-OPEN

40+A - 40 years and older; A rider, 122cc-OPEN

40+B/C - 40 years and older; B or C rider, 122cc-OPEN

50 + - 50+ a,b,c rider 122cc-open

14-24 B/C - 122cc-OPEN; B or C riders

Women 12+ - 99cc-250cc 12+ years old; A,B, or C rider

65cc (7-9) - 59cc-65cc Modified. Age 7-9 yrs. old

65cc (10-11) - 59-65cc Modified. Age 10-11 yrs. old

65 open 7-11 - 59cc-65cc 7-11 years old

85cc (9-11) - 79-85cc Modified. Age 9-11 yrs. old

85cc (12-15) - 79-85cc Modified. Age 12-15 yrs. old

85 open - 79-85cc 9-15 years old

Supermini (12-16) - 79-112cc 2 stroke, 75-150cc 4 stroke, 12-16 yrs. Old

Schoolboy 1 (12-17 yrs old)  86cc - 125cc 2-stroke 75cc - 150cc 4-stroke

Schoolboy 2 (12-17)  122cc - 150cc 2-stroke 126cc - 250cc 4-stroke

 1- 51cc SR 7-8 years old - Main Track 

2- 51cc Open - 4-8 years old - Main Track 


3-51cc JR  4-6 years old - Micro Track 

4-51cc 4-6 years old  2 stroke shaft drive - Micro Track 

5- 51cc 4-8 years old Special Limited -Micro Track - 51cc 2-stroke 50cc - 51cc 4-stroke Class  limited to the following models: Cobra P3, Cobra PW3, Cobra GI, DRR DB-50 JR, Honda XR50, Honda CRF50, KTM Mini Adventure, KTM 50 SX Mini, Suzuki JR50, Kawasaki KDX50, Yamaha TTR50, and Yamaha PW50.

6-Yellow Jackets 12-15 years old +- Micro Track 

7- Hornets 7-11 Years old (Beginners)- Micro Track 

8- 51cc – 4-8 years old – oil injected - Micro Track 

9- Mini E – 4-6 – Electric - Micro Track 

10-  Mini E 7-8- Main Track 


RUMBLE 2023 Awards 

Factory Fitted AWARD – CANVAS – PDR Performance- %100 – BDMX – FMF- Motosport

Plain and simple, the most lucrative award in all of amateur motocross.  A full factory sponsorship for gear from Canvas and a full suspension setup and support offer for 2024 from PDR Performance.  The award also includes  $500 from Motosport, $500 from FMF,  full set of graphics from Black Diamond MX and a $500 gift pack from 100%.  This award is presented to the rider who our panel of judges feels displayed the most outstanding overall performance on the weekend and will utilize the massive level of support to elevate their career.

Yamaha Spirit Award – Presented by Ryan Villopoto and Damon Bradshaw

Yamaha presents the Spirit award! Our panel of judges will determine what attendee is deserving of a BRAND NEW 2024 Yamaha YZ 125. This award was created to support grassroots racing and to keep a family and rider surfing that BLUE wave for years to come!  Show Grit, sportsmanship on and off the track, great performances, find your way to standout to our judges that are watching throughout the weekend and show us why your deserving of a 2024 yz 125!! 

PDR Performance -Shocking Performance award  

Exceeding expectations to perform on the race track is what pdr performance business has been built on!  our panel of judges will be looking for the same on the race track from a competitor at The Rumble.  Overcome adversity, never quit, and show great sportsmanship on and off the race track to catch the judges attention, and PDR may award you with a full suspension setup as well as a sponsorship offer for the 2024 season.



Canvas Crown Award

Canvas has been the leader in style and they have tasked the panel of judges to find a rider with sick style to earn a full Canvas gear set.  Ride loose, ride fast, and look good doing it to catch the judges attention.

FMF Still Smokin Award

FMF is throwing exhaust products to top 3 in the 2 stroke open, 85 open and 65 open class!! celebrating 50 years in business!!

100% Prodigy Award

Our panel of judges will be looking for a standout riders to award with a $500 gift package from our friends at 100%!

BDMX Look Good, Ride Good Award

Black Diamond MX knows that if you look good, you will ride good.  BDMX is awarding a graphics kit to a #RumbleAtOakRidge competitor who catches the eye of our judges with a clean kit!  Tag @blackdiamondmx @oakridgemx and #BDMX #LookGoodRideGood leading up to and during the event to help catch the judges attention and take home a full graphics kit from Black Diamond MX.

Bell Champion’s Choice Award

Bell is the helmet of choice for champions around the globe, so we will ask some of our moto celebrities on site to keep an eye out for a rider who deserves a fresh lid.  Come race, be awesome, and have a chance to take home the Champion’s Choice Award and a new Bell helmet.

Motosport King of the Rumble

Motosport presents The King of the Ring award that will be given to the rider who has the best average finish throughout the weekend’s racing.  Riders must ride a minimum of two classes each day to be eligible for $500 to Motosport!


Miserserable Clothing CO -  Media Master Video Shootout

We are crowning the top video of the weekend $500 

All videos must be submitted to by the following friday of the event. Video with the best, most unique and overall event coverage paired with the best jams will win! 

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